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Polyx (Hardwax) Oil for floors and furniture

The natural alternative to polyurethane. Polyx Oils are a hard wearing, clear oil and wax combination for timber and cork flooring, as well as interior timber furniture, benchtops, exposed beams and other trim. An ideal, easy to use product for the DIY handyman or professional. Available in 4 sheen levels.

Polyx Oil Raw for floors and furniture

Polyx Raw is similar to normal Polyx Oil, but gives the timber's surface a natural untreated look. Designed for timber floors and furniture as well as paneling, sarking and other interior trim.

Polyx Oil Tints

Osmo Polyx Oil Tints is normal Polyx Oil satin, which contains a small quantity of tint to provide a very faint colour or washed effect. Primarily designed for use on timber and cork floors, but may also be used on furniture and interior trim.

Polyx Oil Anti Slip

Osmo's Polyx Oil Anti Slip is a clear satin finish for wooden floors, where extra slip resistance is required.

Polyx Oil "Effect" - Gold and Silver

A unique special effect Polyx Oil tint containing either gold or silver particles. Designed for the decorative finish of darker wooden flooring such as jarrah and smoked oak.

Top Oil for Benchtops

Osmo TopOil is a transparent, clear finish for sealing and finishing timber work surfaces such as kitchen bench tops. Also suitable for coffee tables and other surfaces which may come into contact with water, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea etc.

Coloured oils for floors and furniture

Osmo Wood Wax Finish is a high solid, transparent or opaque oil and wax combination, suitable for timber flooring and furniture such as shelving, doors, architraves, sarking and paneling.

Woodwax Clear Extra Thin

Osmo Woodwax Clear Extra Thin is a totally matt floor finish designed for oily timbers such as Kwila and Merbau. It is suitable as a finish in its own right, or as a primer coat prior to finishing with another Osmoproduct. An easy to use product for the DIY handyman or professional.

Wood Protector

A clear, matt finish, wood primer and preservative for interior and exterior timbers. Specifically designed for timbers which are prone to blue mould in damp conditions - such as Pine, Douglas Fir (Oregon) and some species of spruce.

UV rated exterior oil

Osmo UV Protection Oil - Extra is a clear, microporous, satin finish for new exterior timber joinery and timber garden furniture. Can be used as a "stand alone" clear finish, or as a final top coat over newly applied oil based stains. Available as a clear finish as well as 2 new colours - Cedar and Oak.

Osmo Decking Oils

A range of coloured oils for timber decking. Can be used as a stand-alone finish or as a coloured base coat under one of Osmo's clear exterior oils.

Anti Slip Decking Oil

Osmo's Anti Slip Decking Oil is designed for all exterior timber decking and staircases. Particularly suited to around swimming/spa pools. Provides a clear satin, anti slip surface.

Natural Oil Woodstain

Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is a decorative, microporous transparent wood stain for exterior timbers. Particularly suitable for timber patio furniture, timber garage doors, decks, pergolas and other exterior trim. Available in 5 colours - Ebony, Oak, Patina, Red Cedar and White.

Woodwax Creativ

A transparent or opaque coloured finish for furniture and other areas of your home. Available in a range of modern pastel shades plus black and white.

Door Oil

Osmo Door Oil is a special oil and wax combination, used as a clear satin finish for interior wooden doors and general interior joinery.

Products for applying Osmo finishes

The recommended applicators for applying Polyx Oil and other Osmo products.

Wood Reviver gel

Osmo Wood Reviver power gel is a special liquid detergent for cleaning and refreshing external timbers which have gone grey, such as decking, garden furniture, pergolas and other trim.


Brush Cleaner and Thinner

Cleans brushes and painting utensils quickly and easily. Can also be used as a thinner for solvent based paints.