WR Base Coat

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Osmo's WR Base Coat is a clear wood impregnation for exterior use. Base Coat is a protective treatment for all exterior woodwork (not under static load, and not in contact with the ground) against blue stain, rot and insect decay. Blue stain is prevalent in timbers such as pine, spruce, Douglas fir (Oregon) and some eucalypts.

Basecoat penetrates easily and deeply into the wood; is water repellant, and reduces swelling and shrinking. It has a very low odour during application, and is completely odourless when dry. A one coat application with a clear finish. Compatible with all commonly used glues and putties (except products containing silicone).

Base Coat is not a finishing treatment. The timber must be finished with a protective wood treatment such as Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain, Osmo One Coat Only, Country Colour or Decking Oil.  Base Coat is can be used under waxes, stains, paints and varnishes.

Osmo WR Base Coat contains active ingredients in accordance with the latest technical research, and is in accordance with rules and regulations now valid in countries of the European Union. That said, Base Coat contains biocides and other active ingredients which are harmful to humans, plants and above all, aquatic life. It should not be applied to surfaces on which food is stored, prepared or eaten. Base Coat should only be applied where protection of the wood is necessary. A full material safety data sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.


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Technical Specification
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