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About Osmo

Wood and finish from a single source

Osmo was founded more than 140 years ago as a sawmill, the paint factory exists for more than 50 years. To this day, we have remained loyal to the Westfalen site. At our plants in Warendorf and Münster, 350 employees work to ensure that you are satisfied. Here is planing and screwing, here the wood coatings are developed and produced.

The seal "Made in Germany" stands for the realization of the entire production chain in our own plants. This applies to both our finished wood products and our paint systems. This way, we can control and guarantee the quality at every stage of production.



Blended from natural plant oils and waxes
Highly water resistant once cured
Environmentally friendly
Will not form a plastic film like varnish and polyurethane
Easy to use and maintain


Safe to use. Our products contain environmentally friendly ingredients
Safe for bench tops, food preparation areas and children's toys
A healthier home for you and your family
Enhances the beauty of your timber's natural grain - naturally