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Buffing Pads

Scotchbrite buffing pads

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Product Information

3 different grades of non woven cleaning and buffing pads. These pads are commercial grade. 

Each colour represents a different coarseness and has a different use.

  • White pad: The least abrasive of the pads. For buffing faded or dull areas with Osmo's Liquid Wax Cleaner. Also recommended for applying coloured oils to timber floors for an even finish
  • Red pad: Slightly more abrasive than the white pad, and suitable for removing especially stubborn stains. For the trade, the red pad is suitable for light sanding / de-nibbing between coats.
  • Green Pad: The coarsest of the pads, and is not for general cleaning purposes. It is used more like sandpaper, to remove bad scratches and marks that day to day cleaning can't remove. Can be used to scuff back the top layer of Osmo Polyx®-Oil etc. prior to applying a rejuvenation coat.

These pads can also be cut with scissors or a sharp knife to fit any shape of random orbital sander for buffing smaller items such as furniture. The base of the sander needs to be Velcro receptive so the pads will stick.

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