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Osmo Floor Brush

For application of Osmo flooring finishes

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220mm Floor Brush


400mm Floor Brush


Product Information

Osmo's floor brushes are the recommended applicator for Osmo flooring finishes. The brush gives better control and spread, allowing the user to work the oil into the timber's grain.


  • High quality made in Germany
  • Made from 100% natural bristles
  • Ease of application over large areas
  • Design specifically for the optimal application of Osmo products
  • Standard broom handle can be used

Product Details:

  • Available widths: 220mm and 400mm
  • Brush handle has locking connection for Osmo Telescopic Handle
  • 220mm brush best suited for interior flooring
  • 400mm brush is more suited for the professional flooring contractor

Additional Advice:

Osmo Polyx®-Oil has a very thick consistency, therefor application by roller is generally not recommended, as there may be too much build up oil on the floor, rather than a very thin coat. It is preferable to apply Polyx®-Oil using any clean, dry, good quality natural bristle paintbrush. For ease of application over a large area, nothing beats using one of Osmo's natural bristle floor brushes.

Please note: the floor brush is not recommended for applying oil to cork flooring. Because cork is such an absorbent material, Osmo recommends using a wide blade paint scraper for the first coat, with additional coats applied using a good quality, clean, microfibre roller.

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