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Polyx®-Oil Original Clears

The natural alternative to polyurethane. A hard wearing, clear finish for interior wooden and cork flooring, timber furniture and exposed beams.

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Product Information

Durable, low maintenance, oil and wax finish for interior timber.

The combination of natural oils and waxes penetrate deeply into the surface of the timber creating a finish as durable as polyurethane, and far easier to repair and rejuvenate. The mircroprous nature of Osmo's Polyx®-Oil allows timber to breath so that finish will not crack, peel or blister.


  • Easy to apply, with 2 thin coats
  • Based on natural oils and waxes 
  • Enhances the woods natural character
  • Very durable and hard wearing
  • Food safe once cured
  • Extremely stain resistant
  • Resistant to wine, cola, tea, coffee, water and fruit juices
  • Microporous breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • Spot repairs are easy. No need to sand the whole floor, or piece of furniture
  • Easy to maintain with any plant based soap such as Osmo's Wash and Care
  • Suitable for children's toys, cots and bassinets

 Product Details:

  • Coverage: Approximately 24 square metres per litre with one coat
  • No of coats: 2 thin coats
  • Application: Good quality brush, low nap (3-5mm) microfibre roller, lint-free cloth or an Osmo Easy Pad
  • Drying time: 8 - 10 hours
  • Sizes: 30mL sample sachet, 375mL, 750mL, 2.5 litres and 10 litres
  • Sanding in between coats not necessary
  • Finishes: Satin 3032, Semi Matt (Low Sheen) 3065, Matt 3062 and Gloss 3011
  • Storage times: 5 years unopened, 1 year once opened

Additional Advice:

Osmo's Polyx®-Oil is suitable for a variety of timber types - both hardwood and softwood - such as Pine, Kauri, Oak, Eucalyptus, Teak, Jarrah and Douglas Fir (Oregon).

To understand how the Osmo system works, and to view a comparison chart between OSMO products and polyurethanes, please click here

For timbers which are oily by nature, such as some species of Eucalypt, Kwila/Merbau and Rosewood etc, it is recommended that the timber's surface be wiped over with a solvent to remove any oil present, before applying Polyx Oil. A suitable solvent would be Osmo's Brush Cleaner and Thinner.

Coats should be applied 12 - 24 hours apart. The preferred method of application is by good quality bristle brush. Osmo's floor brush applicators are ideal. A low nap microfibre roller may also be used. Please read the data sheet for details. Liquid Wax Cleaner is recommended for buffing and rejuvenating the timber when needed.

A trial is always recommended first to determine suitability.

To view further information on this product, please click on the Resource pages below.


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