Preparing a floor surface to be finished with OSMO Polyx Oil

Having the floor sanded correctly is essential. For best results, we recommend using a professional floorsander. The final finish depends upon the quality of the sanding - whether you require a glass "ballroom" finish or a more rustic look. Because Polyx Oil is clear, and sanding marks left in the timber will become highly visible once the finish is applied. The following is a preparation guide:

  • For newly laid timber floors which have not been factory finished, the sanding should result in a clean even surface before coating with oil.
  • Floors which are old, worn or grey should be lightly sanded to restore the timber to it's original colour. Any deep grooves or other scratches should be removed.
  • Floors which have previously been coated with a varnish, polyurethane, stain or paint should have the coating removed, and the timber sanded back to it's original colour.