Application of OSMO Polyx Oil to a timber floor

Polyx oil is available in a matt or satin finish. Application for both is identical. The finish is clear. Full preparation and application instructions are on the can's label.

Polyx Oil is very easy to apply. The oil is designed to be used straight from the can. No thinning is required. The recommended applicator is a good quality bristle brush. The use of a roller is not recommended except by professional flooring contractors.

  • Ensure preparation has been carried out and the floor is dry and clean of sawdust.
  • Apply the first coat very thinly and evenly along the timber's grain. Allow the oil to dry 10-12 hours (or overnight), ensuring good ventillation.
  • Once the first coat is dry to the touch, apply a second coat in a similar manner. It is not necessary to sand between coats.
  • Further coats of oil are not generally necessary. The exception would be very soft timbers such as cedar, or cork.
  • If brush marks are visible in the finish, and you wish to remove them, the timber can be buffed 2-3 days after the second coat has dried. Use a floor polishing machine with a white pad and OSMO's Liquid Wax Cleaner.
  • Treat the floor with respect for the first few weeks as the finish continues to harden for up to 28 days. Avoid dragging furniture over the surface - rather lift and place items. The use of felt or nylon glides on contact points is recommended.