Polyx (Hardwax) Oil Rapid

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750ml Distributor Pick Up Only $ 83.25
2.5 Litre Distributor Pick Up Only $ 252.15
10 Litre Distributor Pick Up Only $ 950.30
3232 Rapid Satin Distributor Pick Up Only $ 273.75
3262 Rapid Matt Distributor Pick Up Only $ 273.75
3240 Rapid White Distributor Pick Up Only $ 301.15

A faster drying, Hardwax Oil finish for interior wooden floors and furniture for use in winter and colder climates. Not recommended for use in warm weather.

Osmo Polyx®-Oil Rapid is a faster drying version of the normal Polyx®-Oil. It is available as a clear finish in 2 sheen levels: Satin (3232) and Matt (3262) plus the new transparent white satin finish (3240).

Normal Polyx®-Oil would generally be used during the warmer summer months, and is touch dry in approximately 8-10 hours. The Rapid Polyx®-Oil should not be used where the ambient temperature is above 8 degrees C. It should only be used in cold, winter conditions where there is snow or frost etc, or because of the cold temperature, curing time may be an issue. Generally, the Rapid Polyx®-Oil will cure faster, with 2 coats able to be applied on the same day. The finish for normal Polyx®-Oil and Rapid Polyx®-Oil is identical.

The coverage rate of Polyx®-Oil Rapid is exceptional at around 24 square metres per litre. To understand how the Osmo system works, please click on the video tab on this page.

Polyx®-Oil Rapid is based on natural oils and waxes, which penetrate deeply into the surface to enhance and maintain beauty and elasticity. As durable as polyurethane, and far easier to repair when scratched or worn down. Polyx®-Oil Rapid, once fully cured, will not crack, flake, peel, blister or water mark and is stain resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water.

Easy to apply, with 2 thin coats recommended. The second coat should be applied only when the first coat has dried. Sanding in between coats is generally not necessary. Application can be by roller or brush. If using a brush, ensure it is a new, good quality bristle brush. (Osmo's 150mm or 220mm floor brush is ideal). If using a roller, make sure the sleeve is micro fibre with a nap of no more than 5mm. Care should be taken to limit the amount of oil held in the roller, otherwise over application can result.

Easy to maintain with any plant based soap such as Osmo's Wash and Care for damp mopping, and Liquid Wax Cleaner for buffing the timber when needed.


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